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Treating Dry Skin

Treating Dry Skin

There’s always been a debate in both the medical and beauty industries about what causes dry skin and how to treat it along with discussions about the best skincare products on the market.

So, what do you do when you suffer from this irritating problem which can range from dry dull skin on your body, cracked dry heels to itchy and flaking skin?

Our skin takes a battering during the winter and for most of us it’s about keeping skin dryness at bay so that we can reveal wonderful looking hydrated skin in the warmer months.

So here’s my top 6 tips:

Drink plenty of fluids daily. One of the main causes of dry skin is dehydration so drink lots of water or herbal teas which are full of anti-oxidants such as rooibos, green or white tea to keep your skin hydrated and banish those free radicals which can cause pre-mature ageing.

Use a face and body moisturizer or a rich body cream, twice daily. Don’t miss a day. Feed your skin and nourish it with rich natural ingredients. Use natural skin care products with a high level of natural nourishing moisturizers such as coconut, palm, olive and jojoba or if you have very dry skin use a thicker but hydrating body butter. My trick is to use a body lotion in the day and at night I use a richer and thicker body butter to really nourish, hydrate and treat skin dryness whilst you sleep.

Use a chemical free shower or body wash, sulphates and other chemicals in foaming shower gels can really make dry skin worse.

Exfoliate your body at least twice a week. Exfoliation is a must for anyone who really wants to look after their skin, as flaky skin and dry skin cells are just melted away leaving fresh new rejuvenated skin which looks healthier and feels softer.

Use a cream face exfoliator with natural moisturizing exfoliating ingredients at least twice a week, you’ll see almost instant results.

Remember that your skin is the largest organ of the body so treat it with respect and in return it will respect you. Use natural and organic products which are better for nourishing and treating skin dryness. Cleanse with a cream cleanser or moisturizing foaming cleanser twice daily, exfoliate regularly and moisturize at least twice a day, morning and night.. and just watch your skin improve and look great.
Thea Skincare is a high performance natural and organic skincare range designed for all skin types and especially for treating dry skin. Thea offers nutrient rich skincare products for dry skin on the face and body and for soothing irritated dry skin.Thea Skincare also offers natural and organic enriched skincare products for the treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis, and for flaking dry skin.

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